SALES Pre license

Sales Associate Pre-License Online


The “Florida Real Estate Guide” (matching printed textbook to the online course) shipped to you is included with this course plus state exam review material in PDF format is also included. “The Florida Real Estate Guide” will also be available to you in PDF format online.

The State Exam Prep Course is designed to prepare sales associate applicants to successfully take and pass the state examination for licensure. It contains Areas of Critical Concern, test questions with answers and a corresponding outline booklet in PDF format. Graded online test exams with a total of 400 questions included.

If you have any questions about our online course, before or after enrollment, please feel free to give us a call at 305-510-7877 at any time or send an email to

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  • Once the course is ordered, no refunds are permitted.

  • The course must be completed within one year after registration.

  • No additional textbook or materials are required to complete the course.

  • The Final Exam is timed for 3 hours and taken at your convenience at your home or office. A score of 70% is required to pass the course.

  • Although not likely, if the student fails the final exam, the student must wait at least 30 days (but before the 1-year password expires) before the student will be allowed to take another final exam. The student will still be able to access the course materials for studying if the first test is failed. If the student fails the second final exam, the entire course must be repeated, and the student must pay the full tuition fee again.

  • The course is entirely web-based. The student is encouraged to take his or her time with each section at his or her own pace, provided the course is completed within one year of registration. All quizzes and tests are submitted and graded electronically.

  • Upon passing the final exam, the student will be provided with a certificate of course completion (also known as a Course Report) which the student can print at home. The student must bring his or her course report to the state examination site.

  • To take the state exam, the student must complete the online course and have his or her application approved by the Florida Division of Real Estate. Students are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible and not wait until the online course is completed.




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